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my music



This collection of music is a confluence of my guitar inspirations – from my first hearing of the great guitarists of our time performing masterpieces of the repertoire to the lesson room with my instructors and students.

These pieces influenced me to enter the world of Classical Guitar and to continue to explore and delve into a realm from which I have never looked back.

The selections are Fantasias, Ground Songs, Preludes, Folk Melodies, and an Original Composition. Most are pieces of my past; reworked and relived again.


About Me

My musical career began at the age of nine with a rented instrument and group lessons at Reifsnyder’s Music Shop in Ottumwa, Iowa. This shop had been in existence for quite some time and was the incubator for many local musicians. My interest continued and led me to private lessons. This included studying with Ottumwa’s very own, Tony Blew. With Tony I learned the blues and rock-n-roll.

It was while living in Fort Smith, Arkansas that I began taking lessons with guitarist extraordinaire, Gary Hutchison at a place called Ben Jack’s. Gary taught me to play the entire instrument and pushed me to learn my guitar forwards and backwards. Gary plays many styles and was himself studying classical guitar with a gentleman, the late Paul Mendy. It was the introduction to Paul that changed my musical direction. Paul Mendy introduced me to the rich tradition of the classical guitar – its music, composers, styles, and techniques.

Through Paul Mendy, I met Charles Wolzien, Head of Guitar Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Here I completed my undergraduate studies in Guitar Performance and was the recipient of the Ted and Nancy Anderson Music Award, one of the most prestigious awards offered by the College of Music. There were many opportunities to study with visiting faculty from around the world: James Reid, University of Idaho; Michael Cedric Smith, CUNY; Greg Pikler, Sydney Conservatorium.

I then completed my graduate guitar course work at the University of Denver under the direction of Ricardo Iznaola, Chair of the Strings Department and renowned pedagogue. Again, there were many opportunities to study with performers from around the world: Jonathan Leathwood, University of Denver; Roland Dyens, Conservatoire de Paris; Benjamin Verdery, Yale University.

I had worked as a contract musician for the classical music station of Denver, KVOD, and was a featured performer on The University of Colorado, Artist Series. My performances have been aired over the Colorado Public Radio and Television Networks.

Currently, I am living in Southeast Iowa and work as a private guitar teacher and I am also a music professor at a Community College.  

I am preparing my second album, entitled Fire, that will be released very soon. 


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